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Attila Orosz

Attila Orosz, the primary author and maintainer of this website, was born and raised in Hungary. He has been a Linux user since 2005, a fairly late adopter, but a great devotee ever since.

Attila has worked in IT, and in various other fields. He is now a full-time writer, and freelance developer. He used Linux at home, and at work; he used small setups, and monster-sized servers at a large banking corporation’s development offices. He believes in the command line, but also the usefulness of visual tools.

Attila's written works have appeared in various online publications (Make Tech Easier, The Next Web, Art Plus Marketing), in some very unrelated books (The Essence of Meditation [non-fcition], New Dawn [fiction]), and on his other website Meditation for Beginners. Attila is also the main editor of the official Tagspaces Documentation Project (still a VIP).

A firm believer in sharing and open culture, Attila's aim is to distribute whatever he had learned in life, to as broad an audience as possible, be it about technology, meditation, or anything else. He maintains both of his websites out of his own pocket, paying for web hosting, and domain names, using most of his free time to develop and maintain these projects.

If you find his work useful, you can always help him out, no matter how little with the ease of a few clicks, via PayPal, or through your favourite crypto-currency


Visit Attila's PayPal.me link. (Please note, this currently defaults to Hungarian Forints (HUF), this might needs adjusting.)

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